Business is STRESSFUL!

pexels-photo-626165.jpegRunning a business is STRESSFUL!

Algorithm changes. Techy tools. Pretty pictures. And being the CHIEF EVERYTHING OFFICER (I heard that on a webinar once but can’t remember who said it. S/o to that smart person though)! Let’s not forget the co stand content we are taking in but no clear path to execute!!!! Ahhhhh Business is exhausting. Tiring. Just all out STRESSFUL! Some argue it’s worse in the beginning and gets easier over time. From my experience, a new type of stress develops yet it’s stress that impacts the clarity and productivity of business.

A small amount of stress can be healthy and productive while large amounts of STRESS CAN NEGATIVELY IMPACT YOUR HEALTH causing physical, mental, and financial problems. What’s not often considered about stress is how it impacts the brain and how that makes a mess of everything else, especially our business!

Stress affects your short term memory, sleep, eating habits, weight and so much more. Recall that time you were so stressed you couldn’t remember your tasks? So what happens when you’re a business owner and dependent upon your productivity to generate income to support your lifestyle? For me, it was a loss opportunity to GENERATE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. I missed the mark because of STRESS! Something we take to be so simple has such an impact.

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