Counseling Services

There are so many people who need to heal from a variety of life’s problems. Have you ever experienced angry outbursts that eventually negatively affect your close relationships? Do you have a drug problem that you wish you could rid of? Did you serve in the military and have problems coping with “normal” life since discharge? Have you experienced a rape or other sexual trauma and life just hasn’t been the same for since? Are you court ordered to counseling or a class? Have you sexually assaulted someone and need services? Is your family constantly fighting and you all can’t figure out how to get along? Is your child in contact with the juvenile justice system or close to be in contact with the system? Do you have any other unfortunate happenings that you need to heal from? Contact me at 713-955-8925 to schedule your initial consultation. Once it has been determined I can assist you, a registration link will be sent to you for completion prior to your first appointment.

All counseling services are supervised by Dr. Joseph McDaniel, LPC-S, LSOTP.