When Life Hits… multiple times

If you don’t work, you don’t eat has never held as much meaning than when you’re an entrepreneur and only have your work ethic to rely on.

I went on my annual road trip this summer so I knew I wasn’t going to accomplish much. I left myself open to be scheduled but didn’t post or engage on social media much. I had great plans for my return only to be swallowed with my family being rocked to the core from an incident. As I laid in the bed crying for the second day, it came to me that I needed to get to work because bills needed to be paid.

On day 2, I cried then worked out and sat on the floor of my bedroom and cried some more. I got up to shower and get myself out the house. Fresh air and sunshine are always good. I won’t say Houston has a lot of fresh air (blame cow manure) but it has plenty of sunshine this time of year.

When you’re stressed but stressing more over not being productive, that is when you perform tasks that don’t require too much mental energy. And stay away from huge decisions! I completed forms and went to the post office. This helped me feel productive and alleviate the pressure of some of the stress.

Day 3, I pushed myself to do an hour of cardio kickboxing. Side note: I love kickboxing but hate cardio much like I hate hot dogs but can go for a chili cheese dog or corn dog on rare occasions. I know it’s an odd combination but that’s me lol. During the session, I heard reoccurring themes that most exercisers probably wouldn’t pay close attention to. That heightened my senses and gave me something else to think about other than the events that had transpired.

Exercise contributes to more than your waist size and numbers (blood work). It reminds you to never get up and keep pushing forward. Exercise pushes me to breathe deeply and let out a little breath at a time or one big one to propel yourself. No matter the breath, you’re to move forward. Even if you must stop, you jump right back in. No long breaks. Why? Because if you take too long of a break, the results don’t come as fast and aren’t as good. Sounds a lot like business doesn’t it? The good and the bad, you must keep pushing. The reward comes after the pain, and I’m in for a huge reward!

Do not let anyone lead you to believe business is easy. Business is never something that you jump into thinking it will be lucrative immediately. But what exercise reminded me of during this hardship (and so many times before) is to keep pushing. With each storm comes sunshine that gives light to flowers watered during the storm.

So I say to you stressed, worried, depressed entrepreneur- breathe deep and let out a slow breath or a fast one to power that punch. Keep your goals visible and review them often. You may have to change your path but never change the mission. Stress will come, downfalls may happen, but always get back up and get what you came for. You got this!

Blog by
Elizabeth McCoy, The Entrepreneurs’ Neurocoach
Elizabeth is a solo-entrepreneur of two businesses who has experienced a lot of stress! She has a Master’s in Forensic Psychology so naturally she wanted to find a way to merge her knowledge and experience. She later became a Certified Neurocoach and that lit the fire need to speak mental wellness to entrepreneurs, particularly stressed entrepreneurs. She provides neurocoaching in individual and group formats to help stressed entrepreneurs learn to manage their stress so they enjoy business and life. To contact Elizabeth regarding use of this blog, to co-blog, or request to speak, please send an email to Follow Your Space to Heal on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to join the conversation and engage with posts.

Business is STRESSFUL!

pexels-photo-626165.jpegRunning a business is STRESSFUL!

Algorithm changes. Techy tools. Pretty pictures. And being the CHIEF EVERYTHING OFFICER (I heard that on a webinar once but can’t remember who said it. S/o to that smart person though)! Let’s not forget the co stand content we are taking in but no clear path to execute!!!! Ahhhhh Business is exhausting. Tiring. Just all out STRESSFUL! Some argue it’s worse in the beginning and gets easier over time. From my experience, a new type of stress develops yet it’s stress that impacts the clarity and productivity of business.

A small amount of stress can be healthy and productive while large amounts of STRESS CAN NEGATIVELY IMPACT YOUR HEALTH causing physical, mental, and financial problems. What’s not often considered about stress is how it impacts the brain and how that makes a mess of everything else, especially our business!

Stress affects your short term memory, sleep, eating habits, weight and so much more. Recall that time you were so stressed you couldn’t remember your tasks? So what happens when you’re a business owner and dependent upon your productivity to generate income to support your lifestyle? For me, it was a loss opportunity to GENERATE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. I missed the mark because of STRESS! Something we take to be so simple has such an impact.

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